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Looking For Quality Medical Care Provided In Your Home?

A physician who makes house calls often evokes a quaint stereotype of a kindly, experienced doctor, carrying a black bag when knocking on the doors of the unwell. In the 1930s, physician house calls represented 40% of physician-patient encounters. By the late 20th century, this model largely became obsolete, pushed aside by office-centered medicine and mega health systems. By 1980, house calls had decreased to less than 1%.

Today, physician house calls are staging a comeback, driven by the need to address barriers in healthcare access, including cost and availability of timely care. Long wait times for appointments with a primary care physician and increasing use of costly emergency room (ER) visits have led to the reemergence of house calls as an alternative care delivery model. Done right, house calls could prove to be a better way of treating very sick, elderly patients while they can still live at home.

Boardwalk Homecare recently had an opportunity to sit down Clare Medical to learn more about the depth and breadth of their services. Clare Medical provides non-urgent medical care for seniors living at home or in assisted living communities and they are making great strides in the Garden State. Clare Medical provide a wide range of medical services such as primary care, women’s health, podiatry, mental health counseling, physiatry/pain management, wound care and other procedures, medication management and pharmacy consultation, audiology, optometry, annual wellness exams, etc.

Clare Medical provides homebound clients with convenient, quality medical care in the comfort, privacy, and safety of their own home. To learn more about Clare Medical’s services provided throughout New Jersey, visit them online at

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