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Boardwalk Homecare Celebrates 15 Years

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 25% of businesses make it to 15 years or more. I am proud to say that Boardwalk Homecare is now one of them!!! It is hard not to feel nostalgic when thinking back to 2007. It was Boardwalk Homecare’s first year in business as a licensed Health Care Service Firm and we were fortunate enough to onboard our first few clients as a new member of the Veterans Affairs network. I recall the early years being nerve-racking and exhilarating at the same time. After securing bank loans, my partner and I were ‘all in’ as they say and a lack of income from a steady job was an incredible motivator. Those were definitely lean years as we worked long hours to better understand our industry, market, clients, staff as well as our own capabilities. Each of us handling a variety of office jobs had become our new norm. Through trial and tribulation, we were eventually in a position to provide staffing support for some of New Jersey’s largest hospice, assisted living, and CCRC organizations. This combination of work performance and trust from referral sources really did feel like a victory and it started to build purpose for our efforts. Preparing ourselves to compete with over 1,000 firms in New Jersey, we knew our next endeavor was to differentiate Boardwalk Homecare’s service model, our approach to supporting referral sources, and the overall experience families encountered when speaking to members of our team. In 2010, we rebranded and retooled our organization to become a premier provider of “live-in” home care services for families throughout the state of New Jersey. More often than not, discharge planners and families do not truly understand the value of live-in care or how it all works (when compared to hourly care) so we assembled a talented team to provide an educational approach and to help people navigate this labyrinth. Hourly and live-in home care are two distinctly different operations. In becoming proficient at both, we have had to learn a lot over the years. Referral sources are busy so we choose not to bother them shamelessly. Families are under a great deal of stress so we help them understand all of their options in a calm and organized fashion. Patients are often in need of high levels of care and supportive services so not only do we recruit, recruit, recruit but we assign case management teams to be in constant contact, to nurture the client-caregiver relationship, and to help identify additional senior care resources. Like many other healthcare organizations, our incredible team of office and field personnel has continued to persevere throughout the financial crises, Hurricane Sandy, onerous regulation, COVID-19, labor shortages, and now inflation. With that said, there is absolutely no way Boardwalk Homecare can continue our successful journey without partners including healthcare organizations & practitioners, senior care experts, and our patients who recommend that other families contact our team on a regular basis. These acts of confidence and kindness have made our organization eternally grateful! There is no one Health Care Service Firm that demonstrates success 100% of the time. For those who have been Boardwalk Homecare’s greatest champion over the years, we appreciate you more than you know. For those who have been open-minded to giving our team a second chance if on the first try we did not succeed, thank you for the opportunity to do so. For those who have yet to take a leap of faith and experience our unique approach to home care, our door is always open! “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”

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