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Boardwalk Homecare Expands Services

HOURLY SERVICE AVAILABLE IN OCEAN COUNTY Boardwalk Homecare is excited to announce the expansion of hourly home care services into Ocean County. Modeling the success of its live-in home care practice (infusing case managers with families to provide education, expertise and advocacy) the company is excited about offering Ocean County residents the same level of service on an hourly basis. The organization has worked hard over the past few months to develop the right personnel - nurses, case managers and home health aides - all of whom are focused on providing a superior customer experience.


Boardwalk Homecare's new forum is designed with the intent of helping people facing elder care decisions or looking to educate themselves on the topic. The genuine desire to care for a loved one, coupled with a lack of knowledge regarding how to go about doing so will often result in feelings of stress and uncertainty. Ask The Expert will now provide families with accurate and immediate information for when they have questions about home care services.

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