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Why Choose Live-In Care?

Why Choose Live-In Care?

There are many instances where home health care is required but why choose a live-in caregiver vs. hourly care for your loved one? Live-in caregiver offers the optimum in home health care at a more affordable rate. Did you know that the daily flat rate for a live-in equates to about nine hours of hourly care? Not only is this a significant financial value, but your loved one benefits from a caregiver being in the home around the clock.

Continual Trust In addition to affordability, a live-in caregiver can offer unsurpassed care and companionship. Your loved one can develop a trusting relationship with his or her caregiver. Likewise, your caregiver will really get to know you or your loved one, including his or her daily activities and preferences. Everything from a favorite lunch to preferred hobbies and pastimes. Live-in home care offers your caregiver and your loved one a chance to become friends.

Continual Care There is nothing more important than continuity of care for your loved one day in and day out. A live-in caregiver is always there, providing the same caring style seven days a week, with no disruption to the client’s routine. A live-in caregiver is dedicated to ensuring constant and consistent home health care. Even when your caregiver needs a day off, most agencies provide a trained relief caregiver to ensure continuous and seamless care.

Continual Comfort Opting for a live-in caregiver to care for your loved one can also be a constant source of comfort. Nothing compares to knowing that a quality, trained and compassionate caregiver is with your loved one at all times. Finding consistent, quality of care from a licensed home health agency you can trust is essential to your peace of mind.

When to Consider? What are some life circumstance examples where live-in home care assistance is especially useful? 24-hour home care assistance is especially useful for anyone with Alzheimer's disease or memory conditions that may cause them to wander, to forget medications or maintain nutrition. It is also beneficial for a person who is a fall risk at night when getting up to use the restroom or is generally frail when moving about. If someone is not able to respond to an emergency and would need assistance, then the presence of a live-in caregiver is needed for both safety as well as comfort. Live-in home care assistance is obviously needed for any bed-bound person who needs total assistance. It is also useful for people who feel anxious or get lonely easily or who have incontinence and cannot do all of their personal care on their own.

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